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Do Keywords Still Matter for SEO?

Yes. Keywords still matter for SEO.

Not just the words themselves,

but how they are used in your content.


Keywords are critical to SEO, because they are how businesses show up in search results online. However, what is more important is that you develop a niche for your business online and that your online content is authentic, informative, engaging, trustworthy and accurate.

The best approach we have found is to identify your niche, do your research around searches and keywords relating to that topic, and then create your content utilizing all of the above (plus incorporating writing that is tailored for online audiences and keyword incorporation). Below are a few tips about using keywords to please both the customer and the search engines they use.


Do your keyword research and start researching search phrases and themes that support your niche and the way customers actually search for your products and services.

Use keywords strategically. This cannot be emphasized enough. Just inserting your keyword everywhere you can think of in your content will not do you any favors.

Use synonyms and variations. Google understands them and they can be an effective way to beat your competition at SEO if they are sticking only to expensive main keywords. Long tail and related phrases can be helpful.

Keyword stuffing is a no go. Google will catch you and they will penalize you for it. And you won’t like it.

Write for potential customers and optimize for search engines. It really is that simple.

Lastly, SEO tools, algorithms and tactics change constantly. The best investment you can make is to stay as current as possible, and use a mix of tried and true AND new tools to keep your content working and earning for you.

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